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Enable or Disable, and set reminders for your invoices and bills.

Scheduling invoices and bills:

  • Go to Settings on the sidebar.
Scheduling settings for Bills and Invoices on Akaunting
  • Click Scheduling.
  • Toggle On/Off reminders for:
    • Invoices – Set the days for sending reminders when overdue.
    • Bills – Set the days for sending reminders before the due date.

Check out Recurring Bills and Invoices.

Cron Command

Copy the command to your Cron Job system. Set it to run every minute. Replace the path/to/akaunting part with the full path where you’ve installed Akaunting.

php /path/to/akaunting/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

Contact your hosting provider to get further help about Cron.

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