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Set up your defaults for payments, financial year, currencies, etc.

  • Go to Settings on the sidebar.
  • Click Default.

Set up defaults for the following:

Default Settings on Akaunting
  • Account
  • Currency
  • Tax
  • Payment Method
  • Income Category
  • Expense Category
  • Language
  • Records per page

Account: The default is Cash. However, you can add New Accounts.

Check out how to add a New Account.

Currency: Choose from a list of currencies. You can get paid in different currencies at no extra cost.

Tax: Add Taxes as applicable to your location and local authorities.

Payment Method: Select between Cash and Bank transfer.

Income Category: Select between Deposit and Sales.

Expense Category: Select between Withdrawal and Other.

Language: Akaunting is available in over 50 languages. Choose your default UI language.

Records per page: Choose the sequence of numbers assigned to a list of financial data on feature pages.

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