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The Navigation Menu is a collapsible panel for accessing installed apps/features.

The default features on the navigation menu are:

  • Dashboard
  • Items
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • HR
  • Banking
  • Calendar
  • Reports
  • Apps


Also known as the company dashboard, it displays a summary of your company’s financial transactions and information using widgets.

You can customize the layout by adding or deleting widgets.


You can list your business’s products or services in Items.

Navigation Menu: Add and Import Items to your accounting software

Clicking Items displays the options to add New items, Import Items, or manage your Inventory.


The Sales menu has two default features:

  • Invoices: Create and send fully customizable invoices to customers.
  • Customers: As your business grows, you can add unlimited customers.

Check out how to create invoices and add customers.


The Purchase menu has two default features:

  • Bills: Create and manage your bills.
  • Vendors: Add and manage an unlimited number of vendors.

Check out how to create bills and add vendors.


The HR menu is where you manage employees or team members.

When installed, the Payroll Management and Expense Claims apps are listed in the HR menu.


The Banking menu has four default features.

  • Accounts: Add custom accounts for your business transactions.
  • Transactions: Get details of all your transactions – Income, Expenses, Account, and Amount.
  • Transfers: Money transferred between your business accounts are recorded here.
  • Reconciliations: Create and manage the reconciliations. You can also see transactions that have or have not been reconciled with an invoice.


You can see the dates of your activities.

Accounting Calendar

Activities such as recurring payments, inventory adjustments, expense claims, project tasks, and more are logged in the calendar.


You generate reports for installed apps/features in the reports menu.

By default, you can create income & Expenses, Profit & Loss, and Tax summary reports.


Clicking on the Apps menu takes you to the Akaunting store, where over 100 business solution apps are available.

Navigation Menu: Akaunting Apps

You can commonly filter apps by New, Top Paid, and Top Free.

Learn more about Akaunting Apps.

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