The Sidebar

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The Sidebar on the left-hand side of the Akaunting UI lets you quickly access your notifications, profile, and favorite features from anywhere in the Akaunting UI.

The Sidebar on Akaunting

By default, the Sidebar has the following:

  • Profile
  • Notifications
  • Search
  • New
  • Settings
  • Support
  • Favorites


In the Profile menu, you can update your profile, see subscription plans, manage roles, claim rewards, and log out from Akaunting.

When you click on the Profile icon on the Akaunting UI, it expands to reveal the following:

  • Profile

Update you make an update to your name, email address, and picture. You can assign a role (manager, accountant, employee) to a profile if you manage multiple companies.

Additionally, you can set a default dashboard and language on the profile page.

  • Plans

You can access the Akaunting pricing plans page.

  • Users

Invite users to your company as managers, accountants, or employees and control the dashboards each can access.

On the Standard plan, you can only invite one person – an accountant, manager, customer or employee.

  • Roles

The Four default roles on the Akaunting Standard plan are Accountant, Customer, Employee, and Manager.

Each role has a set of predefined permissions by default.

Check out all the Roles and Permission levels

However, you can define permissions by clicking each role and checking the relevant boxes for each permission.

  • Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) protects your account from unauthorized access.

To set up a 2FA login process on Akaunting, you need the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone.

Install the Google Auth App from your smartphone’s app store.

Then, click on Generate Two Factor Authentication code.

Scan the barcode or enter the alphanumeric code displayed on Akaunting into the Google Authenticator app.

Enter the automatically generated pin from the App and click on Enable 2FA.

You’ll be requested to enter a 2FA pin from the authentication app each time you want to log in.

  • Tickets

Akaunting has a large community of expert developers ready to assist or respond to your questions.

You can submit a ticket by clicking on New Tickets.

Select the App for which you are submitting a ticket.

Define the subject and leave details. Then, Save.

Your tickets are left open until resolved by our team of experts.

  • Subscriptions

See all your app subscriptions and their statuses.

You can take actions like renewing or paying for a subscription.

Clicking on a subscription allows you to see details and generate an invoice.

  • Rewards

Akaunting has a referral program that rewards users who invite up to 5 people to sign-up.

The reward tab has details of your Referral link and Earnings.

You can follow the engagement on your Referral link by tracking clicks, sign-ups, and customers.

Sign-ups tell you those who created a company on Akaunting, while Customers inform you about referrals that purchased an app.

  • Logout

Log out from your Akaunting account.


See notifications about updates, new apps, invoices, transactions, and more.


Conduct a local search of your Akaunting account.


The Plus+ icon is a shortcut to quickly create new invoices, expenses, bills, transactions, and Manual journals or add customers, vendors, and transfers.


Settings allow you to make changes and define default settings for your account. You can access Company, Default currency, Bank feeds, Double Entry, and more settings.

With the setting search tabs, you can search for specific keywords with a setting.

Example: A search for “logo” brings up related settings for Company and Invoice.

Check out the Settings page for more information.


From the support page, you can get the help you need.

In the help section, you access the following:


The hassle of navigating from one feature app to another is simplified with the favorites feature.

You can add an Akaunting feature or App to your favorites by clicking the star icon at the top of the page.

When you click the star icon, the selected feature is added to the Sidebar for quick access.

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The Sidebar

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