Creating Recurring Invoices

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For customers who request the same products or services regularly, you can set up recurring invoices to send the same invoice repeatedly. You can also set the frequency – weekly, monthly, or annually – depending on how often they request.

Creating Recurring Invoices;

  • Go to Sales on the Navigation Menu
  • Select Invoices from the dropdown options.
  • On the Invoices page, switch tabs from Invoices to Recurring Templates.
  • Click New Recurring Invoice.
  • Enter the required Company and Billing details.
  • Scroll down the page to the Schedule section to define the following:
    • Repeat this Invoice: This is the frequency with which the Invoice will be generated. The options are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually, or Custom.
    • Create first Invoice on: Choose the date you want to generate the first recurring invoice.
    • And end: Here, you can define the date you want the last invoice generated. There are three options – After, On, and Never. If you select Never, the recurring Invoice will continue to be generated for the defined customer/client until you manually discontinue it.
    • Send email automatically: Switching the Toggle button to Yes ensures emails are sent to the client at the set date.
Creating Recurring Invoices: frequency for Recurring Invoices
  • Then, Save.

To see a list of recurring Invoices:

  • Going to Sales on the Navigation Menu
  • Select Invoices from the dropdown
  • Switch the tab from Invoices to Recurring Templates.
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Creating Recurring Invoices

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