Adding a Company in CRM

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Add companies to CRM. You can track the activity log of a company, send emails, schedule meetings, add contacts and set a default currency.

Adding a company in CRM:

  • Go to CRM on the Navigation Menu.
  • Select Companies from the dropdown options.
  • Click New Company.
  • Enter the Company’s General information – Name, Photo, Email, Phone number, Website, etc.
  • Define the Company’s CRM information in the CRM Contact section – Company’s contact person, Acquisition stage, Owner of contact, Source, etc.
  • Enter the Billing and Address details.
  • Then, Save.

On Akaunting’s CRM, a Contact differs from a Company. Multiple contacts can be created and added to a company. The company captures information about your team and other information, such as the tax number and address.

Importing Companies

Go to CRM on the Navigation Menu and select Companies from the dropdown options.

  • Select Import Company.

The allowed file types are XLS and XLSX. You are only allowed a maximum of 500 rows.

  • Download the sample file to fill in your data.

The sample file has tabs for contacts, company contacts, emails, notes, schedules, logs, and tasks.

  • Upload the file to Akaunting after updating the file with company data.
  • Click Import.
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Adding a Company in CRM

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