Adding a New Contact

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Add or Import contacts to your CRM. Create tasks, schedule meetings, and track the activity log of a contact.

Adding a new contact

Adding a new contact:

  • Go to CRM on the Navigation Menu.
  • Select Contacts from the dropdown options.
  • Click New Contact.
  • Enter the contact’s personal information in the General section – Name, Photo, Email, Phone number, Website, etc.
Adding a new contact
  • Define the contact’s CRM information in the CRM Contact section – Company name, Acquisition stage, Owner of contact, Source, etc.
  • Enter the Billing and Address details.
  • Then, Save.

Importing Contacts

Go to CRM on the Navigation Menu and select Contacts from the dropdown options.

  • Select Import Contacts.

The allowed file types are XLS and XLSX. You are only allowed a maximum of 500 rows.

  • Download the sample file to fill in your data.

The sample file has tabs for contacts, company contacts, emails, notes, schedules, logs, and tasks.

  • Upload the file to Akaunting after updating the file with contacts.
  • Click Import.
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Adding a New Contact

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