Adding Products or Services

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Add your products and service on Akaunting and track changes in demand.

Adding Products or Services:

  • Go to Inventory on the Navigation menu.
  • Select Items from the expanded menu options.
  • On the Items page, click New Item.
  • Select the Item TypeProduct or Service.
  • Enter the Product/Service General information – Name, Picture, Category, and Description.
  • Tick the Sale and Purchase Information boxes to enter Sale and Purchase prices, respectively.
  • Enter tax, if applicable.
  • In the Inventory section, you can tick:
    • Returnable Item: This means the product is returnable
    • Track Inventory: This allows the product to have a barcode for easy tracking
  • Then, Save.

To specify a category for your product/service:

  • Click Category and then New Category.
  • Enter a Name for the category.
  • Define the Category color.
  • Then, Save.

To add a Tax to your product/service:

  • Click Tax and then New Tax.
  • Enter a Name for the Tax.
  • Enter the Rate.
  • Then, Save.
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Adding Products or Services

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