Adding a Customer

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Akaunting allows you to add unlimited customers, supporting your business and revenue growth.

Adding a Customer:

  • Click on Sales in the Navigation Menu to reveal a drop-down.
  • Select Customers.
  • From the Customers dashboard, click on New Customer.
Adding a Customer on Akaunting
  • Enter the required customer details – General (Name, Phone number, Email, Website, etc.), Billing (Tax number and Currency), and Address.
  • Check the Can log in to grant customer Client Portal Access.
Checkbox the client portal option

The Client Portal Access allows your clients to manage all their invoices in one place and make payments conveniently.

Contact Persons

Under the Contact Persons section, you can add the email addresses of people who will receive a copy of any email sent to the Customer.

add customer contact persons
  • Click Add a Contact Person
  • Enter their Name, Email, and Phone number.
  • Then, Save.
Akaunting client portal
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Adding a Customer

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