Managing a Customer

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Manage your list of customers efficiently. Add Invoices and Transactions and Print them when necessary.

On the Customers page, you can see a summary of customer Invoices and Transactions – open, overdue, and draft.

Managing a Customer: Customer index page on Akaunting

Hover over a Customer to reveal the Show, Edit, Duplicate, and Delete options.

Selecting checkboxes allows you to take bulk actions such as Enable, Disable, Delete, or Export Customers.

Managing a Customer:

  • Click on a Customer to see the Customer Detail page.
  • On the Customer Detail Page, You can see associated Invoices and Transactions.
  • To change/update the customer’s details, click Edit at the top right corner.
Managing a Customer: Add Invoices and Transactions to customers
  • Add Invoices and Transactions to a customer by Clicking New at the top right corner.
  • Switch tabs between Invoices and Transactions to see respective lists.
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Managing a Customer

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