Sending an Estimate

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To send an Estimate using Akaunting, you need to Create an Estimate.

  • Click on Sales in the Navigation Menu to reveal a drop-down.
  • Select Estimates.
  • From the Estimates dashboard, click New Estimate in the top right corner.
  • Enter the required Estimates details: Title, Logo, Billing information, Date, Order number, and more.
  • Add a recipient by selecting Add a Customer.
  • Click on New Customer, and enter the customer details. The Customer’s Name and Payment Currency are required fields.
  • Then, Save.
  • Add service or product information, quantity, and price.
  • If applicable, add Discounts and Taxes.
  • After entering the necessary details, click Send To. The Estimate is sent via email to the recipient.

Note that you need to define an email address for the recipient to send emails.

  • You can also share a link to the Estimate with the recipient.

You can add Notes to Estimates for instructions to the recipient.

The Advanced option lets you define a Footer, Category and upload Attachments as necessary.

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Sending an Estimate

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