Adding Payment to an Invoice

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When an invoice recipient makes a payment for an invoice, you can mark that invoice as paid by selecting Add payment on the invoice details page.

Adding Payment to an Invoice:

  • Go to Sales on the Navigation Menu and select Invoices.
  • On the Invoices page, click on an Invoice to display invoice details.
Adding Payment to an Invoice
  • In the Get Paid section, select Add Payment. (Ensure you have confirmed payment from the recipient before completing this action.)
  • Enter the required details in the Add Payment pop-up window. Date, Amount, Payment method, and Account are compulsory fields.
  • Switch Tabs on the pop-up window from General to Other for payment description, Transaction Number, and Reference.
  • Then, Save.
  • Once saved, the Invoice status is updated to Paid.

To accept online payments on Akaunting, add your preferred payment methods.

Deleting Invoice Payment

If an invoice was marked as paid without payment confirmation, you could delete the payment.

Deleting Invoice Payment
  • On the Invoices page, click on the Invoice with Paid status to display details.
  • In the Get Paid section, select Delete Payment.
  • A pop-up window prompts confirmation.
  • Click Delete to confirm.
  • Once deleted, the Invoice status returns to Sent.

You can edit a Payment or Send a receipt of the payment to the recipient.

Please note that the recipient must have a defined email address to send a payment receipt.

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Adding Payment to an Invoice

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