Splitting Invoice Payment

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You can split invoice payments and track partial payments for outstanding invoices.

To Split Invoice payment:

  • Go to Sales on the Navigation Menu and select Invoices.
  • Click on an Unpaid/Draft Invoice on the Invoices page to display the invoice details page.
  • In the Get Paid section, select Add Payment. (Ensure you have confirmed payment from the recipient before completing this action.)
  • Enter the required details in the Add Payment pop-up window. Date, Account, Amount, and Payment method.
  • Edit the Amount field to accurately reflect the payment that was received from the recipient.
Splitting Invoice Payment
  • Switch Tabs on the pop-up window from General to Other for payment description, Transaction Number, and Reference.
  • Then, Save.
  • Once saved, the Invoice status is updated to Partial.

You can send the payment details to the recipient by clicking Send Receipt.

You can see records of Partial payments in the Make Payment section.

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Splitting Invoice Payment

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