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Creating an invoice

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The following fields are displayed on the New Invoice page:

  • Customer: The receiver of the invoice.
  • Invoice Date: Date when the invoice is issued.
  • Due Date: Date when the invoice is scheduled for payment.
  • Number: The number assigned to the invoice.
  • Order Number: A number assigned to that invoice.
  • Items: The list of items that you can n to that invoice. You can add multiple items from your list of items.
  • Quantity: Enter the number of products or services on offer.
  • Price: The sales price of the item. This will automatically be updated from the listed price of the item. You can also change the price if you want.
  • Tax: Choose from a list of applicable Tax Rates as set by you. You can select multiple taxes. See the Settings > Tax Rates documentation for more details.
  • Total: This is calculated automatically according to the item quantity, discount, and tax. It is not an editable field. To change the total amount, you should change the item price, quantity, or discount.
  • Notes: You can add a custom note to the invoice.
  • Category: Category of the invoice to be used in reports.
  • Attachment: You can attach a file related to the invoice.
Creating a new invoice
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