Adding a New Task

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Break down projects into tasks to help you plan and organize your work more effectively. Identify and prioritize each task’s steps, resources, and time.

Adding a New Task:

  • Go to Projects on the Navigation Menu.
  • On the Projects page, Click a Project to access the Project dashboard.
  • Go to the Tasks tab and Click New Task, or Click New at the top right corner and select Task.
  • Enter the Task Name, Start/End dates, and Members.

If you specified Task Hours as Billing Type, you’d see a field to enter the hourly rate.

  • Switch the pop-up window tab to Other to enter Description, Milestone, and Priority details.
  • Then, Save.

You can see a list of created Tasks on the Tasks tab of the Project Dashboard.

Viewing, Editing, Deleting, and Starting a Task

You can manage a task by hovering over it to reveal the Show, Edit, Delete, and Start options.

Adding a New Task in the projects
  • Click Show to view the details.
  • Edit allows you to update the task details.
  • Click Delete to remove the task.
  • Start allows you to time track. For Project and Tasks hours Billing type, Invoices are created based on recorded hours.

Check out how to add timesheets to tasks.

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Adding a New Task

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