Invoicing Billable Hours

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You can conveniently convert your billed hours to Invoices on Akaunting.

Invoicing Billable Hours:

  • Go to Projects on the Navigation Menu.
  • On the Projects page, Click a Project to access the Project dashboard.
  • Click New at the top right corner and select Invoice.
  • In the pop-up window, Select Invoice info.
Invoicing Billable Hours on Akaunting

If you specified Fixed Hours as the billing type for your project, Single line would be the only option. Project Hours and Task Hours have two Invoice info options: All timesheets individually and Task per item.

  • Tick the task(s) you want to create an invoice for.
  • Then, Save.

You are redirected to the Created Invoice page, where you can Send the Invoice or Add payment.

The Projects section shows the Invoice related Project. Click the Project Link to return to the Project Dashboard.

Invoicing project Hours
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Invoicing Billable Hours

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