Defining Project Billing Type

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When setting up a project on Akaunting, you can define the billing type as Fixed, Project, or Task hours.

Defining Project Billing Type

Fixed Hours: Set a definite cost for a project. Invoices are created based on that cost, irrespective of the number of tasks created and timesheet records.

Project Hours: Set a definite cost for tasks. Invoices are created based on that rate, with every task having a fixed project rate.

Task hours: This option allows you to define a cost for every new task within a project.

Defining project billing type:

  • Go to Projects on the Navigation Menu.
  • On the Projects page, Click New Project.
  • Enter the Project’s General information.
  • Click Billing Type under the Billing section and select Fixed Hours, Project Hours, or Task Hours from the drop-down options.
  • Attach any document if applicable.
  • Then, Save.
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Defining Project Billing Type

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