Adding a Timesheet

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Adding a timesheet in projects helps you record the minutes/hours spent on tasks. You can convert tracked time into billable hours on Invoices.

Adding a timesheet:

  • Go to Projects on the Navigation Menu.
  • On the Projects page, Click a Project to access the Project dashboard.
  • Go to the Timesheet tab and Click New Timesheet, or Click New at the top right corner and select Timesheet.
  • Choose the Start/End dates.
  • Link to an existing Task.
  • Select Project Member.
  • Write Notes if applicable.
  • Then, Save.

Note that Timesheets are automatically created when you click Start from the hover options on a Task.

Check out viewing, editing, deleting, and starting a task.

Editing or Deleting a Timesheet

Adding a Timesheet

You can Edit or Delete a timesheet by hovering over it to reveal the Edit and Delete options.

  • Click Edit to update the timesheet details.
  • Click Delete to remove the timesheet.
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Adding a Timesheet

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