Adding a New Company

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You can add and manage an unlimited number of companies (businesses) on Akaunting. Check out the pricing plans for details.

Adding a new company can be done from two places:

  • The Account Dashboard
  • The Company Dashboard

Adding a new company from the Account Dashboard

You can also access the Account Dashboard by clicking on the initials of your Akaunting profile name at the top left corner and selecting Dashboard from the dropdown menu.

  • On the Account Dashboard, click Create and follow the setup wizard.

See details about the Set Up Wizard here.

Adding a new company from the Company Dashboard

  • From the Akaunting UI, Click on the Company name on the Navigation menu.
  • Select Manage Companies.
  • Click New Company.
  • Enter the required details.
  • Then, Save.

You can add and manage multiple/unlimited companies depending on your Akaunting plan. Check out how to create a company.

  • Select the default dashboard and language.
  • Then, Save and follow the Set up wizard to complete the process.
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Adding a New Company

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