Setting up Akaunting Cloud

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Akaunting Cloud is perfect for small businesses focused on productivity with little time to manage operational and IT-related tasks.

Setting up your Akaunting Cloud account is straightforward. You can have your small business financial management up and running with a few steps.

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Signing up to Akaunting

If you are new to Bookkeeping or Accounting software, signing on to Akaunting Cloud is easy. Below is a guide to help you:

  • Click on Get Started in the top right corner of the website.
  • Select Start on the next screen.
  • On the Login Screen, Select Create New Account.
  • Enter the required fields and create your account.

Check your email for a confirmation message from Akaunting, and click on Confirm email address to complete your registration and login to Akaunting.

Creating Your Company on Akaunting

You need four essential pieces of information to set up your first company on Akaunting.

Setting up Akaunting Cloud
  • Company’s name – The registered name of your company.
  • Language – The default language for your company’s dashboard.
  • Business Currency – The default currency for bills, invoices, reports, and more.
  • Company’s location – State the registered location of your company.

The Wizard screen allows you to add more information while setting up your company.

The Company Set up Wizard

On the wizard screen, you can:

  • Upload your company’s logo.
  • Enter Your Tax number.
  • Set your financial start year.
  • Write your company’s address.
  • State your company’s age and industry. Your role and the number of team members.
  • And other information.

Adding Default and Recommended Apps

At set-up, Akaunting provides you with four free apps:


  • 2FA: The two-factor authentication app protects your financial data from unauthorized access.
  • Address Finder: An auto-address complete feature saves you time when typing out addresses on invoices or bills.


  • Calendar: See the dates for business activities such as invoices and bills payment, projects, payroll, and more.
  • Live Currency: Retrieve Live Currency exchange rates when sending invoices in local currencies.

You can also add featured apps to your account. The recommended apps are based on user installation data.

Sending your first Invoice on Akaunting.

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Setting up Akaunting Cloud

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