The Account Dashboard

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The Account Dashboard is where you find a summary of your Akaunting information.

On this dashboard, you’ll find the following:

  1. API Key
  2. List of companies
  3. Installed apps
  4. Discussions & Replies
  5. Akaunting Profile & Password
  6. Rewards
  7. Subscriptions
  8. Tickets
  9. Become a developer

Your API Key

The API key is a unique set of alpha-numeric numbers that contains every detail of your account.

If you are an Akaunting On-Premise user, you need the API key to access the App Store and install apps. It is also used to verify your On-Premise plan.

That API Key is the bridge between your Akaunting On-Premise installation and site.

List of Companies

The Companies tab on your accounting dashboard shows all companies and the dates you created these companies.

You can access a company dashboard by clicking Login on any company.

Installed Apps

The apps tab lists your installed apps and their statuses – Active or Inactive.

You also get information on when these apps are due for renewal.

Discussions & Replies

If you ever start a discussion on the Akaunting forum, you can follow those discussions.

You can track your open discussions and replies from the Discussions and Replies tabs.

See all replies to your discussions and those you make to a thread.

Akaunting Profile and Password

You can access your profile, billing, and password details.

Also, you can change your profile name, email address, and password.

The billing details allow updates to your company details, such as name, tax number, address, and location.


Akaunting has a referral program that rewards users who invite up to 5 people to sign-up on Akaunting.

The reward tab has details of your Referral link and Earnings.

Akaunting referral rewards

You can follow the engagement on your Referrals by tracking clicks, sign-ups, and customers.


You can see a list of your apps and their subscription statuses.

Payment cards on Akaunting

An App Subscription gives you the following:

  • Status – Active or Inactive
  • Date of subscription
  • Date of renewal
  • Type of payment plan (Monthly or Yearly)
  • Details of the app

Clicking on Details reveals more information, such as:

  • the billing address
  • price of the app
  • Renewal and Cancellation – You can renew or cancel an app subscription.
  • Payment invoice.

My Cards shows you all cards used for purchasing apps or subscriptions.


The Akaunting community is always ready to help with any challenges you may face while using Akaunting.

Because Akaunting is open-source, users help each other to resolve common issues.

You can see a list of your tickets or create a new ticket. Our team of experts is always available to help out with any challenges.

Closed tickets show you all resolved tickets. You can also see the history of your tickets.

Become a developer

A community of developers around the world is constantly improving akaunting.

If you want to join our developer community, visit here.

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The Account Dashboard

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