Accounts is where we keep our money at the end. They may be in cash or a bank account.

Accounts page is located under Banking > Accounts menu. On this page you can see all accounts, search for any, create a new one, edit the current ones and delete them.

The following fields are displayed:

  • Name: Account's name
  • Number: Account's number
  • Current Balance: Account's current balance. This is the result of opening balance + incomes - expenses assigned to that account
  • Status: Status of the account.
  • Actions: You can use this button to edit, and delete the account.

accounts list

New Account

The following fields are displayed as blank to be filled, some are required and some not. Those marked with red star are required.

  • Name: Account's name
  • Number: Account's number
  • Currency: The currency of the account. Account will accept incomes and expenses only in that currency.
  • Opening Balance: The opening balance.
  • Bank Name: If applicable, the bank name.
  • Bank Phone: If applicable, the bank phone number.
  • Bank Address: If applicable, the bank address.
  • Default Account: This option will populate the account as selected in accounts list when creating incomes/expenses.
  • Enabled: Status of the account.

accounts form

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