General Settings

General settings page is located under Settings > General menu. On this page you can set up the settings for each company.


  • Name: Company's name.
  • Email: Company's email.
  • Tax Number: The tax number to be used in invoices.
  • Phone: Company's phone number.
  • Address: The company address to be used in invoices.
  • Logo: The company logo to be used in client portal, invoices etc.

general company


  • Date Format: The date format to be used everywhere.
  • Data Seperator: The seperator of date format
  • Time Zone: The time zone of company.
  • Percent Position: Select the position of the percentage sign.

general localisation


  • Number Prefix: The word to be placed before the invoice number.
  • Number Digit: The number of digits of invoice number.
  • Next Number: The next invoice number.
  • Logo: The company logo to be used in invoices.

general invoice


  • Default Account: The default account to be used when marking invoices/bills as paid.

general defaults


  • Protocol: Choose between sending mail to the host's email, or through an SMTP.

general email


  • Send Invoice Reminder: Send invoice reminder email to your customers.
  • Send After Due Days: Enter the days after the due date to send the invoice reminder.
  • Send Bill Reminder: Send bill reminder email to yourself.
  • Send After Due Days: Enter the days after the due date to send the bill reminder.
  • Cron Command: Copy the command and enter into your Cron Job system. Replace the path-to-akaunting part whith the full path where you've installed Akaunting. Contact your hosting provider to get further help about Cron.
  • Hour To Run: Enter the hour you want the command to run.

general scheduling

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