Invoice Settings

Invoice settings page is located under Settings menu. On this page you can set up the settings for each company.

  • Number Prefix: The word to be placed before the invoice number.
  • Number Digit: The number of digits of invoice number.
  • Next Number: The next invoice number.
  • Payment Terms: Default payment terms. You can override this each time you create an invoice.
  • Title: Default title for invoices.
  • Subheading: Default subheading that will be displayed below the title of each invoice.
  • Footer: Default footer that will be displayed at the bottom of each invoice. You can override it per invoice.
  • Item Name: The text to be used for items.
  • Price Name: The text to be used for price.
  • Quantity Name: The text to be used for quantity.
  • Logo: The company logo to be used in invoices.

general invoice

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