Customers page is located under Incomes > Customers menu. On this page you can see all customers, search for any, create a new one, edit the current ones and delete them.

The following fields are displayed:

  • Name: Customer's full name.
  • Email: Customer's email address.
  • Phone: Customer's phone number.
  • Unpaid: The amount that customer has not paid yet.
  • Status: Status of the customer.
  • Actions: You can use this button to edit, duplicate, and delete the customer.

customers list

New Customer

The following fields are displayed as blank to be filled, some are required and some not. Those marked with red star are required.

  • Name: Customer's full name.
  • Email: Customer's email address.
  • Tax Number: Vendor's tax number.
  • Currency: Default currency to be used for the customer.
  • Phone: Customer's phone number.
  • Website: Customer's website.
  • Address: Customer's address.
  • Enabled: Status of the customer.
  • Reference: Any possible reference.
  • Can Login: Selecting this option will ask you for password. You customer may access the Client Portal using their email and password and so on see/pay the invoices assigned to them.

customers form

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